Principal Designer Brooke Grafstrom, of Brooke Grafstrom Interior Design, believes successful design is characterized as a multi-stage problem solving process that begins with getting to know the client. She is known for her dedication to providing personalized, creative interiors and understands the importance of giving careful attention to all stages of the design process, from establishing the scope of the project to final installation.

Growing up in a creative environment, Brooke has always had a sweet spot for design and after buying a fixer-upper with her husband, realized she wanted to make design her career. With her own firm and 18 years of design experience, Brooke has mastered her ability to find creative practical solutions for busy families and loves blending beautifully crafted new pieces with vintage or family heirlooms.

Brooke’s philosophy is to create functional, sophisticated and visually appealing spaces that reflect the lives of her clients. She draws on inspiration from the conversations she has with them, learning their favorite places to vacation and what hobbies they enjoy. When getting to know her clients Brooke takes the time to observe how they use their space, noticing where they like to sit and how they interact with their surroundings. She then incorporates these observations into her designs, striving to bring forth very personalized designs for each and every client. Her genuine interest in how her designs can enhance their daily lives sets Brooke apart from other designers.

In 2013 Brooke was selected to participate in the Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House for her Butler’s Pantry design.